robert karasov, m.d.

What You Need

Please let me know if any health problems arise between now and the Bris. This includes jaundice, which your baby's doctor may not be concerned about.

Please Purchase

  • Twenty 3" x 3" gauze squares
  • A tube of Vaseline
  • Kosher sweet wine (such as Manischewitz concord grape. The sugar calms the baby)
  • A pacifier (optional)

Have on hand for the Bris

  • A regular size bed pillow (if the bris is at the synagogue that has a Chair of Elijah, you don't need a pillow)
  • A nice wine glass or Kiddush cup
  • A table and two chairs where we will be conducting the ceremony
  • A private space where I can prepare before the ceremony (with a table or changing table)
  • Good lighting both where I will be prepping and where we are doing the ceremony

For the ceremony please assign

  • Sandek
    • This is the person who symbolically holds the baby during the Bris
    • This should not be a parent
  • Kvatter and Kvatterin
    • Two people to carry the baby into the room. Traditionally a married couple but it doesn't need to be.
    • These should not be the parents
  • Four people to do English readings (if we are using my ceremony)
  • There are also special readings for the grandparents and the parents
  • Kvatter, Kvatterin, Sandek and at least one of the readers should be assigned to Jews. It is ideal to have a Minyan (10 Jews) present, but not required.

Other Instructions

  • Please feed the baby 30-60 minutes before the ceremony
  • If you don't have a Rabbi or Cantor I am happy to conduct the ceremony myself. If you don't belong to a synagogue but are considering one, a Bris is a nice opportunity to develop a relationship with a Rabbi or Cantor, which can flourish for many years to come.
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