robert karasov, m.d.

Why Have A Bris

A medical circumcision is not a bris. Brit Milah is religious ritual with deep meaning and religious significance. It includes a circumcision, but it is so much more. A bris is safe. I have done thousands of circumcisions and the technique for a bris is the same as when I perform circumcisions as a pediatrician. A bris is a celebration, an affirmation of one’s Jewish identity, and a way to be part of a 3500 year old tradition. A Mohel is trained to not only do an expert circumcision, but also to make it a meaningful religious experience which complies with Jewish law. It is performed in a loving environment, usually at home or the synagogue, surrounded by family and friends to support the family and comfort the baby. It is a very powerful and moving experience for most families.

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